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  • poetree


    Life is so precious and so fragile, I truly hope that everyone appreciates the seconds they have. I just lost a dear friend last Thursday and believe ...

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  • poo card

    Poo Paper From Around The World

    Not too long ago we told you about that special paper that gave a new purpose to elephant dung. Granted that upon first hearing about how the paper is...

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  • Feathers

    Repurposing molted feathers

    Do you like to take those nature trail walks over the weekends or when you have some time off? Or maybe you’re as lucky as I am and you happen to li...

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  • applique

    Sustainable needlework

    If you are looking for a simple yet versatile art and craft project to complete before your summer vacation is over, but you’re passing on anything ...

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  • Earthbath

    Give your pet an Earthbath

    I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to pets, you owe it to the furry little ones to give them the best care and all the ...

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  • 7glass-819x550

    Glassphemy - where aggression and recycling meet

    Recycling, we know it’s a vital step to saving the environment but somehow convincing people to dedicate their time and effort to performing it and ...

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  • BigLeaf

    Green websites for kids

    Honestly I really don’t think we’ve got enough going on the web for kids when it comes to educational attractions. We’ve got plenty when it come...

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  • Durian_fruits

    Durian to help clean up oil spills

    You really never can know what to expect when it comes to nature. It’s hard to imagine what resource we have in our hands, hidden under the everyday...

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  • Ameritote_6

    Eco Totes

    When it comes to bags, we women are really fussy. Bags to us are like shoes, sacred. But I think the one bag we all can agree on being useful is the t...

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  • dustlesschalk002

    Scallop Shell Chalks

    I remember the good old days back in the convent when the lessons were carried out with the use of white chalks on black boards. We as good convent gi...

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