Celebrate St. Patrick’s in green

March 16th, 2009 BY Angelina Leigh | 2 Comments

March 17th is just around the corner, well to be precise,it’s tomorrow… And that means it’s time for us to put on our lovely green attires, fancy ourselves and homes with shamrocks and of course that good old ‘luck O’ Irish! Yes…it’s once again, Saint Patrick’s Day on! It’s the very day where everything turns literally green – Irish Green that is.

Yet among all the greens of the day, you’d probably realize how none of it is actually related to a truly green earth. I mean you’ll be able to find everything in green on that day – beer (can’t have St. Patrick’s without some lager or ale), cookies etc but hardly any of it going to be greenly sustainable or organic.

Amidst the fun and laughter of the day, it is not surprising to find many blinded by desire for everything to be in the leprechaun spirit (green in colour), so much so that most tend to forget to ask how that plastic cup of beer suddenly turned from its usual liquid gold to the Irish green.

It’s not rocket science and it’s certainly not magic, because frankly what really happens is they add artificial colourings to the food. So far, to the best of my knowledge the most common natural source of edible green colouring is either spinach or the screwpine leaves (maybe even ferns but I’m not too familiar with that one). But since both have their own unique scent and taste, mixed with food stuff such as beer, the resulting taste would be quite awful. On top of that, as the extraction of dye from a natural source is quite a tedious and financially exhausting task, it is one that commercial firms cannot afford indulge in -which is why they would instead use chemical alternatives that leave rather significant health consequences on the consumer.

Anxiety, migraine headaches, childhood hyperactivity and tumors have all been linked to artificial food dyes.
Yes, while brightly coloured food would appeal to our eyes, believe me when I say they will not appeal to your taste buds and they will do your health no favours.

This St Patrick’s, take a real stand for green and give that green lager a pass and instead indulge in a good old fashion glass of dark Guinness.