Store it without plastic

August 24th, 2010 BY Angelina Leigh | No Comments
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These days, everything’s gone plastic. Everywhere you look there’s plastic. You open the hood of your car and there’s plastic in your engine, you go down to the grocers for your shopping and there’s isles full of plastic…it’s just everywhere,  you simply can’t escape it. I’ll admit plastic has it’s conveniences but it’s literally everywhere including all the places it shouldn’t be and innocent wildlife are suffering because of it. The good news is, the public is beginning to recognize how the price of convenience is lot more than what they are willing to pay for and you can see the measures people are taking to cut down the use of plastic in their daily life. Most notable is how we’re diving back into the times where we simply didn’t use plastic bags to do our shoppings…but did you know that you can do more than just ‘bring your own bag’ when it comes fighting the use of plastics?

Our use or rather dependency on plastic is quite alarming. We don’t just use them to carry our produce home, we also use them to store our produce! So basically when we bring out own bags, we’re just eliminating one very plastic involved activity, there’s still the other one to deal with back home.

What’s really great about storing produce without plastic is how it actually keeps your food a lot fresher. And all it takes is a glass or ceramic container and water! Of course granted it is a little more inconvenient but seriously how difficult is it to change a container of water every few days? Especially when you know the amount of carbon foot prints you are lifting off the earth?

Truthfully this is new to me, so I do not yet have my own solutions to keeping all your fruits and vegetables fresh and alive without the help of the Berkeley Farmers’ publishing. I swear it’s my new bible because they cover practically all sorts of produce! My old method would have involved keeping everything in the fridge but clearly sometimes the food just doesn’t keep well that way. Even Nicole Richie does it!

Please visit the Berkeley Farmers site to download a copy of how to keep produce fresh and healthy without plastic! Also if you’re really serious about getting into a life with as little as possible then you’ve got to visit ‘Fake Plastic Fish’ – Beth Terry, she’s my inspiration!