Hair removal, the sustainable way

March 24th, 2009 BY Angelina Leigh | No Comments
Ingredients of moom organic

Removal of body (arms, under-arms, legs, facial – upperlip) hair has long been part of a woman’s beauty regime. Now I appreciate that it’s probably a cultural affair because some people are of the impression that American women are very particular about it and the average European women are more forgiving. I can’t quite say how for a fact true that statement is, because I think in today’s society, most women regardless of what culture they originate from have come to accept hair removal as part of their basic beauty and body care regime.

There are various methods of hair removal available in the market today and whilst most companies focus their product to ‘concentrate on removing unwanted hair’, there are a select few others who have added to that by focusing not only on their products effectiveness but also its impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at the 2 most popular home treatment methods:

Method 1: Razors
The good old fashion, shave your legs, arms etc with a razor method. Fancy razors of all sorts are available to suit this need but the common complaint is still razor burns and ingrown hair.

Green Option: I guess sticking to a conventional non-electric/battery operated razor would be a good enough step towards environmental conservation efforts, but if you want to take it another step forward, then I think selecting a razor that incorporates recycled/recyclable plastic into its make would be ideal. One such brand you can consider is Preserve® Triple Razor. Aside from being having handles made from recycled plastics, another great feature of this brand is how the Preserve Triple Razor package doubles as a reusable travel case and can be returned for recycling using their postage-paid label.

Green Solution for razor burns: Apply aloe vera gel to it.

Method 2: Waxing
Wax it off for a smooth clean finish with available off the shelf waxing cream, wax strips or waxing spray. This is one of the most effective and highly favoured choices due to its simplicity of application and the silky smooth results. The common complaint with this method is unsightly skin reactions to the chemicals contained within the waxing agent and not to mention that tell tale scent that you’ve just waxed!.

Green Option: Go for an organic wax option. Select organic wax where chemicals are not used but instead only pure organic botanical compounds are included to do the deed. If you’re a fan of wax strips, then MOOM Organic Hair Remover is a neat choice you can try out. It contains nothing but:

  • Chamomile,
  • Sugar,
  • Lemon Juice,
  • Tea Tree Oil and
  • Water.

MOOM® fabric strips are made from tightly woven polycotton stock which are washable and reusable many years!