Water Soluble Golf Balls

March 23rd, 2009 BY Angelina Leigh | No Comments
Golfing with Eco golf balls in Netherlands

Golf…a very popular sport but frankly I don’t indulge in it. Somehow the thought of chasing after a ball, swinging clubs and all under the streaking hot sun just doesn’t appeal to me. I guess it’s really because I don’t handle being under the sun very well… But I’m straying, so back to the focus of the article…golf and more precisely golf balls

My work brought me to a golf club and whilst sitting at the club house, I had a spectacular view of the landscape…the greens and lakes were simply breathtaking and the driving range was a magnificent site. Then this question came to mind, what happens to those golf balls that stray and land in the water? I know the club does at certain intervals collect them, but what about the few that went a little further (say outside the grounds) and got left behind?

Surely having stray golf balls all over the place can’t be doing much wonders for the environment? I’m pretty certain that as they are manufactured to be very hardy, they wouldn’t be biodegradable and they certainly would be a life-threatening hazard to any wildlife that mistakes it for something edible (perhaps an egg of some sort?).

As I was pretty certain I’m not the first or only one to have this question in mind, I was confident if I did some research I would be able to find golf balls that were made to conquer this ecological problem, and that’s exactly how I came to find out about Eco Golf Balls!

Eco Golf Balls is a brand of eco friendly golf balls manufactured by a company based in Indianapolis that are made from non-toxic water-soluble polymer. That means the Eco Golf Ball are fully bio-degradable and harmless to the environment. The ball dissolves in water and specific microorganisms will work to break it down into carbon dioxide and water.

The ball will begin to bio-degrade within 24 hours and the process would complete itself just after 96 hours of submergence in water. Eco Golf Balls are non-toxic and therefore 100% harmless if consumed by marine life (tested, follow this link for Toxicity Test Results).
Eco Golf Balls have made the prints of various publications that include:


Now again, I’ll stress that I don’t’ play golf, so I won’t be able to tell you if these balls are any different in ‘effectiveness’ for the game. But what I do know is this…if you’re just playing golf for a past-time or as social events (not competitive golfing) then I think changing from your use of the conventional hard plastics golf balls to Eco Golf Balls would be a great way of making your favourite sport, a sustainable one.